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Wiki created April 14, 2009‎. There is also w:c:DragonBall created November 3, 2005‎ with over 5 thousand pages.

Dragonballz Wiki is a collaborative website about Dragon Ball Z. This is to cover this amazing show and it's life lessons, Lol. Please Contribute. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. Check out the Help Contents to get started!

New on DBZ Wikia

  • [04-14-09] Hi everyone! My name is Mike, and seeing as how there isn't a Dragonballz Wiki, I thought I would do the honors. I cant believe there is a Dragonball Wiki, but not a Dragonballz Wiki, so now I am fixing that. Feel free to look about, and please contribute. I know there are millions of us Dragonballz fans out there, and we can all get together and help make this the best Wiki.
  • [07-24-09] Hi again, it's Mike. I see I stand corrected regarding the non-existence of a Dragonballz Wiki. There is one, and I wasn't aware of it, since I did not see it listed iin the Wiki Directory. Thanks to Dj for pointing that out. As for this Wiki, I think we can work together to improve it, and at least add our own material to a new Wiki, one without adds hopefully, if there are, I didn't add them :) So have fun.
  • [02-19-14] Guys, this wiki needs to be renamed to "Dragon Ball Z Wiki". Proper grammar, commense sense.

Hi everyone my name is Dj i will help make this wiki the best there is and mike go and search dragonballz encyclopedia on bing

DJ 999!

i always hated that people created a powerlevel list that was incorrected so i changed and makes things clear

Help Build the Wiki

I would like to see some Bios to start things off, and then maybe some history about the various sagas, no Dragonball or Dragonballgt. Feel free to discuss the movies freely, but remember the main focus is dbz.

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